“Bite Me” Book Cover Photo Shoot with Teegan

z13edI originally considered this shot for the title book cover but decided instead that it would be better to use the photo of her on the ground next to the fallen leaves.


Here is my final work and the only submission from this post that I have already posted. I’ve posted other photos from the shoot in previous posts.


Another shot I like but perhaps not good enough for the title book cover. Here, her long neck is extended and her eyes are closed. She looks resigned to her fate. This is another preferred photo because it fully displays her beautiful, long red hair.


Here is Teegan leaning back on the bench. She looks strong yet also vulnerable here as the background is dark. Who knows what may emerge from the shadows?


Here is Teegan sitting on a bridge and leaning up against a fence. This is the fence I had in mind while writing Bite Me: A Vamire Tale.


Here is a standing portrait of Teegan standing on the bridge.


Here is one of my first portraits of Teegan as the sun hasn’t yet fully set. She is fixing her hair and displaying the strong muscles in her arms.


Here is a contender for the title book cover. I felt it didn’t quite have that “special something,” but I still like it.


Teegan sitting on a fallen tree branch at night. Is she looking for something she heard that made a sound in the darkness?

To find out, pre-order Bite Me: A Vampire Tale today for just .99 cents. Here is the link:




11 thoughts on ““Bite Me” Book Cover Photo Shoot with Teegan

      1. I’ve asked this on my personal blog, but nobody wanted to answer, but. In my vampire novel, there’s a female knight that’ in chapters 1, 2 and 5, but I don’t see her in the rest of it. I have a way to write her out, but it will involve her being captured and made a slave. My question is: How much sex can be put in a vampire series & not have the book be called smut? I don’t want my book be compared to the Anita Blake series..


      2. I would have to say that there is no sex in my stories. A vampire, in my opinion, craves blood on a most primeval level. One could compare it to a human who must have meat. They just see their victims as meal tickets and nothing else. I broke away from the Twilight/True Blood type of vamp and wrote what I think is a more realistic, blood-thirsty, fiend vampire.

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      3. Thank the gods you aren’t making a Twilight vampire, because Twilight was garbage to me. Vampires who sparkle in sunlight? “coughs, oi” Never seen True Blood, but I’m trying to stick to the lore, while adding in a touch of anime, (the cat girl aspect). I’m not doing heacy sex scenes in it, like the Anita Blake book series, but in mine, there will be small love scenes between Blackrose and Dante/Xavior. When their kids grow up, (later in the books), maybe they have lovers too, but I’m not doing a sex filled book like an ex caregiver wanted. Anyway, sorry for rambling, I may keep the female knight in, at least for a while.

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