Chapter I of “Vampire’s Massage”


The following is Chapter I of Vampire’s Massage. This is the first installment of my Admissions of the Vampire series. Here it is for sale at Amazon for just $0.99. I thought it would be interesting to delve into the struggles of a new vampire who must balance his obligations and career with his recent transformation. The series is narrated from the point-of-view of the vampire.


I should focus on my work. The more I focus on my work, the less likely will I succumb to temptation. I was glad to have earned my license to practice massage therapy. Pity that I was turned only a year after opening my own shop. How much longer can I continue to keep my business? Can I truly prevent others from learning my secret? I continue to order myself to ignore my thirst for only another forty minutes and continue the massage. Focus on the massaging my customer’s back and ignore my thirst.

How can I continue a successful practice when I can only work after the sun sets? Actually, business has not yet suffered. My business hours used to be Monday through Friday from 9 to 7. Following my transformation, I extended my hours until 11 at night and secretly have not booked any clients before sunset. When someone asks for an earlier time, I just say that someone else has already been scheduled for that hour. In point of fact, an ignored segment of the population seems to appreciate the adjustment as I advertise my practice for people who work non-traditional hours. Manipulation of humans seems to be a trait I acquired shortly after my transformation.

The temptation to feed on my clients increases with each passing minute, but I can usually keep my mind off feeding on them. Many of my clients have health problems. Most would not make an ideal meal for a freshly created vampire. Many younger adults do not have the time or money for a monthly massage. I once calculated the average age of my clientele at 49. Most of these clients are safe from my impulses. I must remain certain that my secret is not discovered, but I believe I can keep my secret at least for the foreseeable future. I keep the temperature of my office warm, and this gives my hands the illusion of being warm.

It has only been three weeks since I was changed into a monster. I am still coming to terms with my new powers and my new limitations. The thirst is insatiable at times, but I have so far been able to separate work from my new nightlife. Tonight is different. In retrospect, I should have cancelled this appointment. Maybe I enjoy her company more than the others, or maybe I knew all along what I would like to do.

Jill is not my ordinary client. In fact, I find this client absolutely captivating. Her long, golden hair, worn up in a tight bun, usually flows in waves to adorn her glowing, soft skin. I’ve always been partial to blondes. Such classic beauty is rarely witnessed inside the walls of my business. I think she wears her hair up in a bun for my convenience. As a massage therapist, I need access to the shoulders and neck. She restrains her hair before she enters for a massage, and this is despite the fact that she has amazing hair.

I’ve learned a lot about Jill within the year that I’ve known the young woman. She lives all alone in her condo, just two blocks from my business, and Ashland Condos is among the nicest condos in town. The consensus seems to be that the condos are well-liked by the mostly young professionals who flocked to the hip community when it was constructed several years ago. This is a stark contrast to my clientele base, but I have made inroads with a few, and Jill was among those few younger customers I have gained through advertising to the officers of the Ashland Home Owners Association shortly before I opened the doors of my business.

Jill has been coming to me since the week I opened my business. I suppose I should not have looked at her personal information, but I felt the unnatural impulse to snoop only after deciding she was exceptional. I told myself that I was looking into her information because I wanted to learn more about the profile of my customers, and I was doing research that could benefit my business. Indeed, it was shortly after her first appointment that I looked up her information on the computer. Privacy seems valuable to Jill as she seems guarded on social media and does not share much personal information to those who are not family or friends.

I did uncover some pictures that are posted online. She visited the beach with friends for Spring Break one year while in college. Naturally beautiful even then, she stood out among the rest of her gorgeous friends. She seems to return to her parents’ home every Thanksgiving and Christmas and must be close to a Golden Retriever named Goldie at her parents’ home. To judge from the age of this animal, Goldie must have been her dog. She clings to this dog, and her eyes and her smile go wide whenever she is pictured with this animal.

As a customer, Jill is fantastic. Punctuality seems to be a priority for this young woman. She never arrives late and rarely misses an appointment in the year that she has come to my business. Even when she does need to miss an appointment, she has given me plenty of advance notice, and I am grateful to her for always giving me the head’s up. She does not over-tip, but she never forgets to give adequate gratuity. Since I own my business, it is not necessary to tip me, but many do. Some tip very generously, but I would rather have a customer like Jill who causes me no trouble and is consistently providing me with business than someone who only uses my business once or twice and gives me double the common gratuity.

It is unique to have a customer with the same tendencies as Jill. Some customers will talk throughout their massage, while others say very little as they wish to relax. Rarely are they so talkative before and after a massage when they remain mostly silent throughout the massage. Although Jill typically says little during each massage, we have shared brief but friendly conversations before and after each massage. Through the months, I have gotten to know her well.

Some young women who receive massages find it awkward to get massages from men, but I understand why Jill comes to me. With stress such as hers, she needs deep pressure to release the knots and the toxins from her body. Some women find it difficult to receive the necessary pressure from a female massage therapist, so they go to male therapists because we tend to be stronger. She never told me this, but this is common. Most female customers don’t like deep pressure, but a few do. Jill numbers among the minority.

Jill’s wide, baby-blue eyes framed by long lashes, always seems to brighten my dark world. The young woman’s full lips seemed the picture of perfection. Such beauty rarely enters my dark shop, and I am mesmerized while in her company. Isn’t that what they say vampires do to the humans whom they wish to bite? I always enjoy the media portrayals of vampires as being able to leave potential victims spellbound. If vampires truly can put people into a trance just by looking into their eyes, I certainly have yet to learn this trick. In Jill’s case, she leaves me feeling enthralled and awestruck. Indeed, I feel lucky whenever I am in her presence.

Young Jill told me she moved to the city when she went off to college and remained here after she graduated near the top of her class. I believe she received a job offer before she graduated, and I doubt that she needed to do much more for a job offer than to show up to her interview. I’m certain that her boss must enjoy working with such a stunning beauty. Now working for the same insurance company since her graduation, she has already received praise and several increases in pay. Still, she must have a demanding position because I am not convinced she is happy.

 Jill has become a staple of the neighborhood. I suppose people enjoy being near such a vivacious, successful young woman who knows how to work hard and play hard. Still, Jill strikes me as someone who is not fulfilled. Most of my clients are much older, yet Jill’s muscles are tighter than most. She told me she runs religiously; always before work and before bed. I wonder what is causing all the stress that has her muscles so tight. Every appointment seems to be the same in terms of her muscles’ tightness. Her knots mainly develop in her shoulders and neck. Like thin layers of plastic wrap that bunch together, these knots form, and she requires deep pressure to release the knots. She requires massage for the blood to circulate through these areas. I can usually release her knots, and she continues to make her massage appointments with me. I wonder how she would react if she discovered her massage therapist is a vampire.

The fact that I am a vampire is my foremost secret. Of course, it is my inside joke that I keep whenever I begin a massage with a customer. None knows my secret and they must never know. Regardless, no sane person would believe me unless they witnessed me feed. Such a gruesome, horrific sight would remain seared in his or her mind until the end of time. I may not be who I used to be, but I still intend to keep my secret. It’s been difficult for me to adjust to my new existence, but I think I could come to enjoy my new freedoms. In fact, this is the first day since my transformation that I’ve felt conflicted.

Jill smells better than any of my clients, and I should know due to my heightened senses. She sprays her throat slightly each morning with perfume. It is not overwhelming, and I always enjoyed the aroma when providing her massage. Now, my senses focus on additional aromas. I can smell her warm blood pulsate through her soft, porcelain flesh. As I think about the smell of her blood, I notice that my elbows push forward with increasing intensity against her bare back.

My pressure subtly increases so I switch to using my hands. My fingers and thumbs knead down on the small of her back, and her body releases. I look down at her back and the back of her head. She has such pretty long, golden blonde hair, and I wonder how much effort it took for her to wear it up. For the first time since meeting Jill, I am disappointed that she wore her hair up. The back of her long neck is bare and visible to me, and I repeat to myself that I will need to learn discipline if I am to keep my secret. Still, Jill would have provided me less temptation had she worn her hair down. Then, I could let it hide her neck for as long as possible. Had she known my secret, she would certainly have worn her hair down. In fact, she never would have entered my front door…



8 thoughts on “Chapter I of “Vampire’s Massage”

  1. I wanted to write a story that would be more realistic than a sparkly vampire love story. The vampire has an obvious conflict, and I find this conflict to be the most interesting concept in terms of going through such a transformation.

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  2. I really like the fact that he has wordly problems, and doesn’t twinkle in the sunlight. And how he seems to be trying to fight his conflicting emotions on whether or not to be her. It is a really good read. 🙂


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