Beginning of Vampire’s Thirst (Book II in the Admissions of the Vampire series)

I decided to give you a sample of Vampire’s Thirst (Book II of Admissions of the Vampire). It’s on sale here for only $2.99:


Sunlight has given way to darkness. Night has swept into my dwelling and has wafted across my city. With its coldness and darkness, night breathes vigor and excitement into my soulless existence. Through the clamor of each morning and afternoon, my heart yearns for the empty, cold silence of darkness. It is in the darkness of night that I stir. It is the darkness that overwhelms my senses. Through the cloak of darkness, I can satiate my overwhelming thirst. Without the comforting cover of darkness, I would surely go mad.

My transformation has triggered me to modify most of my behavior. No longer can I venture into the sunlight. I cannot venture outside with former friends for brunch on a leisurely Saturday. No longer can I enjoy a morning run or swim. Friends have mostly forsaken me as I have purposely not returned their calls or planned any gatherings with them since I was turned. I am not convinced whether I am protecting my secret, or if I am protecting them from me. Regardless, they would be appalled by my current monstrous behavior. If only they understood the riddle behind my mysterious departure from their lives. They should live each and every day in gratitude that I remain distant from them so as to permit them to carry on with their petty daily trifles.

Did my former friends notice my absence at last month’s class reunion? I continuously received reminders about the reunion, but I ignored all of the email messages and letters. It was the first class reunion I have ever missed, and I am fairly certain they took note of my recent social withdrawal. I speculate whether or not they miss me, but I have no regrets about skipping my class reunion. I assume my friends will continue to attempt to contact me, but those missed telephone calls and unread emails will gradually continue to become less common in frequency after I remain silent for another few months. What does the altered me have in common with my old friends? Do I have anything to offer them except mortal danger? I believe it is far more courteous to allow them to continue with their lives, and I will continue to bask in the solitude of my existence. They are happy with their day jobs and their lives, and I am content to dominate my world of darkness.

Business has flourished as my extended hours have continued to draw a lot of non-traditional customers. My accounts have never been so flush, and I continue to serve my community. However, I ensure that I only accept appointments with customers whose lifeblood will not likely tempt me. I have learned my lesson that I cannot resist a select minority of my customers, so I must play it safe and refuse service to those who would rouse my appetite. Though I have become adept at hiding my tracks, I do not wish to take unnecessary risks. I appreciate the foul-yet-wise proverb that one should not shit where he works.

Success has been achieved with my small business, but I do not move into an exclusive neighborhood or purchase a more luxurious vehicle. Rather, I invest the money I earn and endure a frugal existence. My modest lifestyle is only a means to an end. My accounts grow increasingly diversified, and I plan for the likelihood that someday, whether my decision or not, I will be compelled to flee. I am fairly certain the lore is correct about vampires maintaining the same appearance and never aging. My appearance will remain exactly the same as I looked on the night that my heart beat for the final time. After ten years, those who have known me will remark that I do not age. In twenty years, will my appearance eventually rouse suspicion? I must prepare for my future and am certain that money will be necessary if I am to perpetually maintain my inconspicuous profile. Multiple identities and contingency plans have been considered in the event that I must escape detection. Self-preservation surely must be the foremost trait of vampires who remain active for centuries.

I walk home from work each and every summer night and enjoy the seclusion of my residential neighborhood. Tonight is no different, and I set out on foot from work. Never do I seek victims in my own neighborhood, but I speculate about the people who live in the tranquil homes I pass. My eyes peer through their open windows as I walk down their sidewalks and pass their homes. I see families watching television in their living rooms or eating a late dinner or snack. They have needs for sustenance just as I have my needs, and I find our similarities interesting. Do they lock their doors because they sense the danger that exists just outside their door, or are they not aware of the horrors that exist in their city?

As I walk, I pass a jogger who is running in the opposite direction. It is July, and people are compelled by the excessive heat to run either early in the morning or late at night. She looks about thirty-five years old and seems to be in good shape. As she briskly passes, I smell a bouquet of perfume, sweat and blood pumping through her arteries and veins. My ears hear her heart beating at an extra rapid pace. My eyes view her veins bulging out of her red arms and neck as she runs past and in the opposite direction. She has a very large diamond on her wedding ring and wears a black Under Armour running outfit. It seems evident that she frequently runs long distances. Without much more thought, I smile deviously and continue along my path. It is brief encounters like these that do not rouse my appetite for long. I can disregard my impulses for short periods of time. I am significantly stronger and faster than the humans I hunt, and I could catch this runner without much effort. Fortunately for the woman who has passed me so swiftly, I am not here to hunt. Rather, I prefer to simply enjoy the outdoors before the genuine beginning of my evening.


To read more, Vampire’s Thirst (Book II of Admissions of the Vampire) is for sale for $2.99 here:


3 thoughts on “Beginning of Vampire’s Thirst (Book II in the Admissions of the Vampire series)

  1. i see you have dropped by to have a read!

    Thank you..

    Moving throughout, nightwalkers bask in the moonlight..

    Nonetheless, we have created one hundred daywalkers, a private army following myself the darkprince!

    hugs chris

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