Vampire’s Trap is now available on Amazon Kindle

My third book is now for sale. The release of installment three of Admissions of the Vampire occurred yesterday. Each new book is an exciting addition to my product, and I am grateful to all those who helped make it happen.

When aspiring model Andrea Hogan excitedly answers the ad of a mysterious professional photographer, she has no idea of the enormity of the ensuing danger. As she drives alone to the park at dusk to make it in time for her photo shoot, she does not know that she has fallen for the trap of an increasingly unscrupulous vampire. It is not until she sees the hunger in his eyes that she knows she’s in a whole lot of trouble. She finds herself snared by the vampire’s deception, and she wishes that she could escape her predicament. Will this be her last photo shoot, or will she somehow manage to escape the vampire’s deadly embrace?

Note to the reader: This series attempts to revive the classic, dark vampire horror stories of old… before they were made into the subject of romance novels. There is no sexual content in my Admissions of the Vampire series, but I would say that it’s not for the faint of heart.

Find Vampire’s Trap on Amazon here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

No need to wait any longer – October is here. It’s time to get in the mood for Halloween, and I hope you like my new book.


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